5 signs it’s time for a new application manager

Your apps ride on security, continuity, and efficiency. You brought in an application manager to keep things smooth, but what if they’re not up to the mark? That can spell trouble for you and the team. Trouble that you’d rather avoid!  


Thinking of making a switch, but not quite sure it’s necessary yet? Here are five tell-tale signs to look out for. 


1 | Uncertainty about security


Unclarity about your application’s security measures? That’s a major red flag. The security of your software, applications, and data should be a priority for both you and your application manager. If you aren’t receiving regular security reports or clear explanations, it might be time for a chat with your manager. 


2 | Lack of current knowledge


The software and ICT industry evolves rapidly – faster than any other industry. Your application manager should be on top of the latest, informing you of new trends and developments relating to, for example, security and AI. Not only should your administrator find this incredibly interesting, but it’s also of major importance for the continuity of your applications. Therefore, if they seem out of the loop – or just not that into it, that’s another red flag waving. 


3 | Lack of proactive maintenance and updates


Always nudging your application manager for updates? Or are you left in the dark about current developments? That’s not what you want. A proficient administrator should be proactive. Because after all, it’s their responsibility to keep your applications up to date. And it’s important they keep you well-informed about this. Because how else will you know where you stand?


4 | Poor communication


Is your application manager often unresponsive, taking days to return a call or months to address a request? Not only is this extremely frustrating, but it can also be harmful to your data and software. Issues should be addressed as soon as possible, not whenever your application manager feels like it. And effective communication in regard to that should be the least you can expect.


5 | No strategic input or added value


Top-notch application managers think a couple of moves ahead. So, if your manager doesn’t show initiative on a strategic level, it might be time to rethink your partnership. Because after all, wouldn’t you rather work with someone who can see beyond the immediate? And who solves a potential problem before it even arises? 


Time to take the reins


Noticed one (or a few) of these red flags waving around? That’s your cue to step up and look for that new application manager. Because let’s be honest, everyone wants to team up with a partner who’s in the loop about the latest and greatest, and who’s keen on keeping you informed. So, always trust your gut feelings. If something feels off, chances are, it might just be. The right application manager can be a game-changer for your team.


Ready for a fresh start?


Already thinking of moving on? If you think it’s time for a new application partner, take a look at our website or give us a call. We’re here to walk you through our approach and we’ll show you exactly how we make sure you won’t recognize any of these signs with our team!