Software custom-made for you

Software that fits your organization

Cloudbased software solutions in Java? Yes, we can! If necessary, we add a mobile app or another platform, such as programmatic advertising. Even for the most complex challenges, we develop robust solutions that fit your architecture. With every solution, we keep a close watch on security.

Software architecture: always in motion

After the first sessions, we create a living document. Diagrams and visuals illustrate all all the ideas. Then are we done? NNo. Together we fine-tune your your complete software architecture. Does it contain all the building blocks and features you need? Do we take into account all security requirements? Only then is your software architecture committed to paper from A to Z.

Scalable solutions

You have a good idea of the requirements your solution must meet: today, tomorrow and in the future. But the further ahead you look, the harder it is to estimate users’ needs. That’s why we develop scalable solutions. They can be developed over time and expanded with new functionalities.

Ready for rock-solid software architecture?

Top-class software development

To develop software of the highest quality, we work with top-class tools. Our toolbox includes tools from software developer Atlassian. We work in Jira, for example, store our code in Bitbucket and test our building blocks in a DevOps Pipeline and with SonarQube. During the acceptance phase, the complete software is approved. Only then do we deploy it to production.

Testing, testing, testing

Even after the acceptance phase, we look at security. Using the open source platform SonarQube, we test all our user stories. We test whether the code is of excellent quality and prevent bugs from happening. By doing so, we guarantee optimal strength and security of the foundation.

Collaboration is key

At Scopisto, we see this first phase as one of co-creation. We work closely with product owners or inventors. want alleen dan komen we tot een succesvol eindproduct. Only then can we realize a successful end product. You determine the ‘what’, our developers determine the ‘how’. It works time and time again.

Find out what Scopisto can do for you?

“Scopisto thinks outside the box. As a result and because of their proactive attitude, we now have a quality application with almost no downtime. Now that’s user-friendly.”

Daniëlle Burema, Project Manager at Innoveere

4 advantages of custom-made software

Fixed project fee

No surprises afterwards, we build for a fixed project fee.

Scalable solutions

Future-oriented development: flexible adaptation to new requirements.

In scrum development

Develop in two-week sprints, so we can test and adjust in time.

Top-class tools

With the right tools, you can develop secure software of the highest quality.

Software development at
the highest level, customized for you. Are you ready?