Why our developers love Java

Java has captured the hearts of the programming community for over two decades, establishing itself as the unrivaled champion among computer languages. According to research from Stack Overflow, a whopping 43 percent of developers prefer Java as their go-to language. And our developers are no exception – they rely on Java daily. But what exactly makes Java so indispensable to them? Can a language with such a long history still be trusted? Let’s delve into the appeal of Java and find out.



Java: the longstanding standard for programming


Java enables fast, flexible, reliable, and easy coding. It doesn’t require years of training and is less complex compared to languages like C and C++. This simplicity also makes maintenance easier, a crucial factor for business-critical applications. Furthermore, Java’s status as an open-source language means that developers worldwide continue to contribute to its advancement. Despite its two-decade history, Java remains dynamic and progressive. 


When it comes to applications within your company, reliability and security are a must. So, can you trust a programming language that’s been around for twenty years? Absolutely! Java’s security features are among the best in their class. With multiple updates per year, your data – both from you and the server – is optimally protected. Java does this through its multi-layer security system, which not only thwarts hackers but also safeguards against threats, vulnerabilities, and SQL injections. 


Why our developers love Java


Flexibility is Java’s middle name


You don’t develop an application for a few months: it needs to adapt and grow with your company’s needs. That’s why Java is the ideal choice. Thanks to the scalable infrastructure – including frameworks, tools and libraries – you can run an application in no time.  


Michiel Oliemans, the founder of Scopisto, explains, “We specialize in Spring Boot, an open-source framework that creates microservices and web applications. With this, we maintain flexibility without additional annotations, XML configurations, or extra code.” 



Power Performance in Java


Java shows powerful performances and lightning-fast interaction times. It uses multi-threading to make work smoother, make the most of data, and use memory efficiently. And it can handle heavy loads and thousands of requests without breaking a sweat. That’s why big players like Amazon, Spotify, and IBM love using Java!

Java Mastery: our developers’ experience and expertise


“Our developers have tons of experience with Java. We know this language inside out,” says Michiel. “We love tackling Java challenges and always find the right solutions. Plus, we stay updated with the latest developments and updates.” 


Have you already got a Java-built application?


Then we’ve got you covered with comprehensive management and maintenance services. We keep your application running smoothly by providing regular updates and thorough security checks. Rest easy knowing your application is in good hands. Curious about what we can do for your company? Reach out to us now, and we’ll give you all the details! 

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