Five tech trends that will dominate 2023

Technology is changing faster than we can keep up with. Standing still is not an option. The first step? Getting up to speed on key technology trends. You can leave that to our developers.

Which technologies will gain popularity in 2023? Which technology trends will be dominant: low-code or cloud platforms? And what will happen in the area of security? Our team has figured it out for you. In this blog, read a summary of the five most important technology trends and you’ll be up to speed immediately.




Tech trend 1 | Demand for low-code grows


This tech trend should definitely be on our list, because the demand for low-code is growing. No wonder : with low-code, you can build software in an accessible way , without the need for specialized knowledge. Moreover, this programming software is as much as three times faster than traditional code in yielding good results. Our team team therefore uses it mainly to build prototypes. That way, we quickly create a user interface (UI) that is tested. With the results, we subsequently build the complete software in a scalable way.




Tech trend 2 | Cloud computing dominates


Cloud computing has dominated the technological landscape for several years. In fact, more than 70% of IT developers expect the majority of their apps to be created in the cloud by 2023. When we list some benefits of cloud computing, this makes perfect sense.



1) cloud computing offers sustainable and flexible solutions
2) it often costs less than other technologies
3) collaboration is easy
4) problems are quickly solved.



Security is also often mentioned as an advantage, but is this justified?
We’ll tell you more about it in the next tech trend.


Tech trend 3 | Dutch hosts more popular

Security and safety are always high on the agenda in software development. In the case of cloud computing in particular, it is important to know where your data is managed and who can access it. In 2018, President Trump signed the CLOUD Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data). This allows the U.S. to access Dutch and European data stored with American hosting parties. As expected, the demand for Dutch or European hosts has skyrocketed. At Scopisto, we only work with Dutch hosts such as Previder. They provide an open source private Cloud platform called Jelastic. It’s a better way of securing your data.

Tech trend 4 | Solid software architecture

A software solution is always alive and therefore the foundation should be too. What you need in your software solution today may be completely different in a few years. A certain kind of software architecture adapts to this easily and is therefore highly future-proof. More and more organizations are recognizing this and are looking for robust software architecture. At Scopisto, we are fully committed to this. As a team, we are ahead of the game with new systems that make future-proof software architectures even better.

Curious? Read tech trend 5 and discover one of these systems.

Tech trend 5 | Get even more out of your data

Data is become increasingly important year after year. As an organization, you can obtain useful management information from it. Software developers respond to this. A while ago, Kafka was launched: a mega-advanced store and streaming platform that can be used in Java and Scala. They enable the exchange of data with external platforms. But in addition, the data coming in is grouped and split. This makes your solution scalable and reduces overhead on your network return. It means data always arrives in other systems in the right format s. This way, you work with real-time data in your BI dashboards.

In the face of all these tech trends, we at Scopisto are not hanging around either. In 2023 for example, we are going to further expand our development team in North Macedonia. We aim to expand our Java teams and also set up a DevOps team and a Quality Assurance (QA) team. It means we will build even stronger software solutions and everything will be tested in-house. Curious about new developments at Scopisto? Follow us on LinkedIn.

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